Seasonal Mobility Task Force

The FMATS Seasonal Mobility Task Force (SMTF) was set up in 2010 to explore mobility issues and to create solutions to allow people to walk, bicycle, or use mass transit year round.  The SMTF Goals are as follows:

  1. Consistent year-round routine maintenance that is above and beyond compliance with ADA standards on facilities throughout the FMATS pedestrian and bicycle network
  2. Preservation of the existing pedestrian and bicycle network through preventive maintenance
  3. Rehabilitation and expansion of the FMATS pedestrian and bicycle network to provide for safe access for ALL users
  4. Increased user confidence in pedestrian and bicycle safety and accessibility

To read the SMTF Recommendations Report click here: FMATS SMTF Mobility Recommendations Report 2009-2010 Winter

Appendix A

Bicycle Commuter, -45F, Jan 8, 2009