Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) identifies, prioritizes and allocates anticipated funding for transportation improvements over a 4 year period. The TIP represents a consensus among local, state and regional officials as to which transportation improvements to implement in the short-term.

Current TIP

2017-2020 TIP Amendment #3 Revision was approved by the Policy Board on January 17, 2018.

View the document: FMATS FFY2017-2020 TIP Amendment #3

Supporting documents:

Summary of Changes Table
Administrative Modification #2 Comparison Table
Amendment #3 DOT&PF Approval


Previous versions

2017-2020 TIP Administrative Modification #2 was approved by the Policy Board on September 20, 2017.

View the document: 2017-2020 TIP Admin Mod 2


The summary of changes shows the changes that were made since the Administrative Modification #1 Revision

2017-2020 TIP Administrative Modification #1 Revision was approved by the Policy Board on July 19, 2017.

View the document: 2017-2020 TIP Admin Mod 1 Revised

The Summary of Changes shows everything that was changed between the original and current TIP.


2017-2020 TIP Administrative Modification #1 was approved by the Policy Board on June 21, 2017.

View the document: 2017-2020 TIP Administrative Modification #1

The Summary of Changes shows everything that was changed between the previous and current TIPs.


2017- 2020 TIP was approved by the Policy Board on February 15, 2017.

View the document: FMATS 2017 – 2020 TIP Final r1


The 2017-2020 TIP was released for a 30-day public comment period from November 10 to December 10, 2016. A Responsiveness Summary was completed to include all comments received during that time. View the document: Responsiveness Summary


Air Quality Conformity

A portion of the Fairbanks & North Pole area is designated a Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Area. An even larger portion has been designated a PM 2.5 Non-Attainment Area. In an effort to ensure that transportation improvements and future transportation development does not negatively impact regional air quality, it must be demonstrated that the projects listed in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) conform with the Transportation Control Measures (TCMs) of the most recent State Air Quality Implementation Plan (SIP).

FMATS received approval of its Conformity Determination from FHWA and FTA on March 3, 2017.
FMATS Conformity Determination 2017-2020 TIP

FMATS 2017 -2020 TIP Air Quality Conformity FINAL

FMATS 2017-2020 TIP Air Quality Conformity Determinations Appendices


FMATS has completed the process of developing the Transportation Air Quality Conformity Determination for Carbon Monoxide for both the MTP and TIP.

Past reports can be obtained in the FMATS Archives.

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the development of transportation conformity determinations within the Fairbanks PM2.5 Non-Attainment Area can be found by clicking here: MOU for Fairbanks Transportation Conformity

The Memorandum of Agreement for the selection and funding of projects funded by CMAQ within the Fairbanks non-attainment area for PM2.5 can be found by clicking here: MOU for Selecting and Funding of Projects Funded by CMAQ


Older Versions

Older TIPs can be viewed in the Archives Page.

Please direct any public comments to 


Scoring and Evaluating Projects

The projects were reviewed by the Technical Committee and scored. The results are: 2015 – 2018 TIP Scores Summary

The following project evaluation criteria was used:

2015 Approved FMATS Criteria CTP

2015 Approved FMATS Non-Motorized Criteria

2015 Approved Criteria CMAQ

Eligibility requirements can be found here:

Guidance – Surface Transportation Program (STP) Implementation Guidance _ Federal Highway Administration


Nominating TIP Projects

FMATS accepts project nominations for the TIP year round. If you would like to nominate a project for the current or future TIP, the nomination form and scoring criteria are available below.

TIP Project Nomination Form

TIP Non-Motorized Project Nomination Form

For the TIP Project Nomination Scoring Criteria, click here: 2015 Approved FMATS Criteria CTP and Non-Motorized

For previous year TIP documents, please visit the FMATS Archives.


Project Nominations

Below are drafts of the project nominations with backup details, as available:

Airport Way Beautification final

Barnette Street Reconstruction final

College Road Bus Pullouts Final

Cowles Street 23 – 29th Avenue Pedestrian Improvements

Cowles Street Reconstruction (East Cowles – 1st Ave.) final

Dennis Road Lighting Improvements Final

Fairbanks Street Birch Lane – Teal Avenue Pedestrian Improvements Final

Farmers Loop Road – Army Road Crossing final

FMATS Sign Replacement – Stage III -Final

Lacey Street Reconstruction final

Lathrop Street Eagan Avenue – 16th Avenue final

Loftus Road Sidewalk and Crossing Improvements Final

Loftus Road Pedestrian Improvements Final

Minnie Street Reconstruction – Final

North Pole Intersection Improvements – Final

North Pole Streetlight Standardization and Improvement Project -Final

Old Steese Highway Wendell Bridge to Trainor Gate Road – Final

Paratransit vehicles

Peger Road Undercrossing Final

Peridot Street Reconstruction Final

Phillips Field Road Guardrail Installation Final

South Lathrop Street Extension Final

transit buses final

Wembley Avenue – Aurora Dr – Danby St Final

Yankovich Miller Hill Upgrade and Path Nomination Form



Additional Transportation & Air Quality Resources

DEC, Division of Air Quality Home Page
DEC, Transportation Conformity Consultation Procedure
DEC, Particulate Matter – Background Information
DEC, Carbon Monoxide- Background Information
Fairbanks North Star Borough Air Quality Forecast