Non-Motorized Transportation Planning

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FMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

FMATS completed the area’s first Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (NMTP) in 2012. Our vision for the NMTP includes the implementation of approximately 4 miles of shared-use paths, 8 road-miles of shoulders, 10 road-miles of sidewalks, signs and/or pavement markings on 17 miles of lower volume and lower speed roadways; and improvements at over 14 crossings to improve pedestrian and/or bicyclist comfort and safety.

Specific goals, existing conditions, recommendations, and an extensive implementation plan are outlined in the NMTP final report.

FMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (NMTP)

Solutions Toolkit

This document compiles standards, guidelines, and best practices for pedestrian and bicycle facility design from agencies across the country. It is intended for use as a planning tool for developing pedestrian and bicycle facilities for the FMATS area. The solutions shown are inherently flexible to allow implementation as appropriate. Each situation is different and further engineering analysis, design, and public input must be conducted at the time a specific project is developed.

FMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Design Solutions Toolkit

Current FMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Projects


FMATS Sidewalk Improvement Program: This is an annual project. Fund projects that will improve connectivity, safety, mobility and access for pedestrians throughout the MPA.


Wembley Avenue Improvements: Aurora Drive to Danby Street: Reconstruct Wembley Avenue from Aurora Drive to Danby Street and construct a pedestrian facility. 

Airport Way Functional Features Analysis: Provide a general toolkit for DOT&PF project managers and engineers that provides options for consistently themed aesthetic roadway treatments including landscape and hardscape improvements. Evaluate pedestrian/bicycle encroachment risks along the corridor and feasibility of aesthetic treatments that consider right of way and operational constraints.



Completed FMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Projects

Transit Buses: Purchase six transit buses to replace buses purchased in 2007 that will reach their useful life in 2017. These buses are 29 foot Gillig buses that have a useful life of 10 years.

Birch Hill Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility – Construct a bike/pedestrian facility along Birch Hill Road to allow safe access to the Birch Hill Recreational Trail System.

Paratransit Vehicles: Purchase nine paratransit vans to replace vans that are currently 5 to 13 years old. The useful life of a paratransit van is 5 years.

Steese Expressway to Front Street Bicycle/Pedestrian Path: Construct a bicycle/pedestrian path from the Steese Expressway separated path to Front Street.

FMATS Sidewalk Improvement Program: This is an annual project. Fund projects that will improve connectivity, safety, mobility and access for pedestrians throughout the MPA. Construct sidewalk improvements at the following locations: Cowles Street from 23rd to 29th Ave., Lathrop Street from Eagen Avenue to 16th Avenue) and Farmers Loop Road near Army Road. Include crossing improvements when feasible. Construct a sidewalk along the east side of Cowles from 23rd to 29th Ave.Install a crosswalk at York Avenue and update school signs to flashing school zone signs on Loftus Road. Constructed in 2016.

Cushman Complete Streets–  upgrade Cushman Street including upgrades to non-motorized transportation facilities within a “complete street” concept. Constructed in 2015 and 2016.

FMATS Pedestrian Improvements – Stage I: Construct new facilities to improve connectivity within the FMATS boundary on Wilbur Street, Davis Road Peger Road and Lathrop Street with possible mid-block crossing. Constructed in 2016.

Gold Hill Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility – Widen the shoulders on Gold Hill Road to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians. Improvements will also include resurfacing the roadway, approach work, signing and striping. Constructed in 2016.

Yankovich/Miller Hill Road Multi-Use Pathway – construct a separated bicycle/pedestrian trail along Yankovich and Miller Hill Roads in the Farmers Loop/University of Alaska area. Constructed in 2015.

Chena Small Tracts Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities – construct a bicycle and pedestrian facility to accommodate safer multi-modal travel adjacent to Chena Small Tracts Road. Constructed in 2015.

Plack Road Bike/Pedestrian Facility – construct a bicycle and pedestrian facility along Plack Road from Badger Road to Nelson Road. Constructed in 2015.

Illinois Street Reconstruction – Reconstruct Illinois Street from First Avenue to College Road and constructed a new section of Barnette Street from First Avenue North to Illinois Street. Constructing pedestrian facilities will be included in this project.

North Pole Bike Path Rehabilitation/Connections – Connect and rehabilitate existing bicycle paths throughout the City of North Pole. This project was constructed in 2013.

City of Fairbanks Curb Corner and Sidewalk Upgrades – This project will upgrade sidewalk corners and sidewalks within City limits so they are in compliance with the requirements of the ADA. This first stage of a two stage project was constructed in the summer of 2011 and the second stage was constructed in 2013. These projects addressed locations in the Weeks Fields area, the Downtown area, the Aurora Subdivision, the Island Homes Subdivision, and the Fairbanks Town Site.

North Pole Interchange Pedestrian Facilities – This project will construct pedestrian facilities along St. Nicholas Drive between Dawson Interchange and the Santa’s Village Project, and along 8th Avenue from the St. Nicholas intersection to the existing gravel path. This project was constructed in 2014.

South Cushman – This project will reconstruct South Cushman from 15th Ave to the Mitchell Expressway including new curb and gutter and sidewalks. This project was constructed in 2014.