Metropolitan Transportation Plan

What is the MTP?

The MTP is a blueprint guiding transportation project priorities, short to long range which address transportation issues in the Fairbanks Metropolitan area. The MTP seeks to balance investment in various transportation modes against anticipated funding from federal, state and local sources. It lists and organizes construction projects with a 20 year projection. Federal requirements specify that the MTP be updated every four years to capture changing needs, new federal and state regulations and policies, and measure progress toward completing the list of projects and studies.



The Current MTP

The FMATS Policy Board approved the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and associated air quality conformity, on January 21, 2015.

To view the entire 2040 MTP, click here: FMATS 2040 MTP – Full Document

To view the 2040 MTP Technical Appendix, click here: FMATS 2040 MTP Technical Appendix

Air Quality Conformity Analysis

The Air Quality Conformity Analysis is a regional emissions analysis for the urbanized portion of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. The Appendices are a collection of technical materials that support the report findings.

The report finds that total regional vehicle-related PM2.5 and NOx precursor emissions associated with implementation of the 2040 MTP for the analysis years 2020, 2030 and 2040 have been estimated and are less than or no greater than the 2008 baseline motor vehicle emissions. All CO conformity requirements are met.

To view the 2040 MTP Air Quality Conformity Analysis, click here: FMATS 2040 MTP Air Quality Conformity Analysis

To view the 2040 MTP Air Quality Conformity Appendices, click here: FMATS 2040 MTP Air Quality Conformity Appendices

View the letter from FHWA and FTA approving the MTP conformity analysis: FMATS Air Quality Conformity Analysis Approval

Individual 2040 MTP Chapters

Executive Summary:
Introduction and Plan Context:
Plan Goals and Performance Measures:
Existing Conditions:
Future Needs:
Regional Corridors:
Freight Plan:
Recommended Implementation Plan:
Financial Plan:


Previous MTP Information

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