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Project Overview

The Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) and the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) are currently in the process of developing the first Freight Mobility Plan (FMP) for the region.

The purpose of the FMATS FMP is to create a coordinated plan for freight transportation for the metropolitan area. This plan will be implemented to identify problem areas and key and emerging issues, as well as identify planning and policy recommendations with the insight of the freight community.

This FMP will:

  • Identify existing conditions including issues impacting freight movements in the FMATS region;
  • Develop freight related goals and objectives along with performance measures and targets;
  • Forecast freight levels for 2035 and 2040;
  • Evaluate future conditions to determine strategies that best meet regional freight needs;
  • Identify potential freight corridors and development zones to focus activities; and
  • Evaluate maintenance and interagency issues regarding freight policy and infrastructure implementation.


Based on the results of the technical analysis, the planning process will be used to develop short- and long-term strategies to address critical freight system needs and deficiencies while mitigating potential impacts. These strategies, technical analysis, and outreach to freight professionals and the public alike will result in the identification of priority freight programs and projects in the FMATS region.

Freight Advisory Committee

Development of the FMATS FMP will be guided by a Freight Advisory Committee (FAC). The FAC consists of agency representatives, municipal representatives, and members from the freight community. The FAC meetings will provide opportunities for direct input in the development of the FMP.

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Public Outreach

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Public Comment Map: Map

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Task 2: Stakeholder and Public Involvement Plan

Task 4: Draft Vision Statement Goals and Objectives

Task 5: Existing Conditions Report     Appendix A     Appendix B

Task 7: Draft FMP Future Conditions Report

Task 7, Technical Appendix: Freight Model

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