Complete Streets Policy


A Complete Streets Policy was written in June 2015. After a public comment period and four revision documents, the policy was approved by the Policy Committee on October 21, 2015.

Principles of Complete Streets:
A. They are context-sensitive,
B. Emphasize connectivity,
C. Ensures that the entire right-of-way is planned, designed, funded and operated with consideration of safe access for users of all ages and mobility and all users being equally deserving of safe facilities to accommodate their travel,
D. Encourage the use of the latest and best design standards,
E. Allow flexibility in balancing user needs including maintenance needs and temporary snow storage
F. Meet performance standards, and
G. Meet implementation steps.

FMATS promotes that the above principles of Complete Streets be considered at all phases of planning and project development in the establishment and development of a multi-modal transportation system. This policy is a commitment that future transportation projects will take into account the needs of everyone using the road right-of-way as early as practicable and throughout the process. This policy helps integrate the needs of all users into everyday transportation planning practices so that, gradually, a complete network of roads serves all users.


The FMATS Policies and Procedures document was originally approved in July 2015 and is now amended with the Complete Streets Policy and Green Streets Policy.

The Cities of Fairbanks and North Pole and the Fairbanks North Star Borough have written resolutions in support of the FMATS Complete Streets Policy and to consider the policy in the design of their projects.

View the City of Fairbanks Resolution: Resolution No. 4704

View the City of North Pole Resolution: Resolution 15-23

View the Fairbanks North Star Borough Resolution: R2016-09

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