The 8th Annual Bike and Pedestrian Counts will be held May 22nd – 24th.

A total of 36 locations across Fairbanks and North Pole will be counted for two hours by a volunteer during one of the days above. If you would like to be one of those volunteers, please contact Alicia Stevens at

Why is it important? This data has been used to support projects by identifying a portion of the movements in that location.

We Are Updating The Long-Range Plan!

To view all things 2045 MTP (Metropolitan Transportation Plan), visit the web page located under the Reports tab.

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*New* E-TIP!

FMATS has been working on developing an interactive e-TIP that allows users to easily search for projects and find project-related information.

The e-TIP is now available for use but is still under maintenance. Any concerns or comments that you have, please send to Alicia at


To access the e-TIP, visit