2045 MTP: In Progress

Our for Public Comment:

The draft plan has been released for public comment until November 21, 2018. Review the draft documents below and submit your comments to web@fmats.us.


Interactive Map

We are collecting comments on the recommended projects through an interactive map. You can zoom in, pan around, and click on a specific project to read about it and to leave a comment.


FMATS is updating the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), branded as Envision 2045, in order to improve transportation for our region and comply with state and federal requirements.

Envision 2045 is a community-driven effort by FMATS to improve transportation for our region. This update  to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan will plan for growth and lay out a long-range vision for the transportation system in the Fairbanks metropolitan area through the year 2045.

The goals to be reviewed in this update include:

  1. Coordinate planning efforts to provide an integrated transportation and land use system that embodies smart growth principles and stimulates the economy to grow.
  2. Provide a safe, efficient, secure, and interconnected multi-modal transportation system for all users.
  3. Protect the environment, improve air quality, and promote energy efficiency.
  4. Optimize the utility and lifespan of the existing transportation system.
  5. Ensure adequate transportation facilities to support economic development.
  6. Facilitate an open, honest, and transparent decision-making process conducted through constructive two-way communication between the project team, agencies, and the public.

Interactive Map

Visit the interactive map and leave comments within the project area.

You can zoom in, pan around, and click on a specific point to leave a comment.

Comments can be made to address issues, deficiencies and observations of:

  • Streets and Highways
  • Public Transportation
  • Rail and Truck Facilities
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Safety

Interactive Map: http://maps.kittelson.com/FMATSMTP2045


Kick-off Presentation: 3.24.17 Kick-off Meeting

Public Involvement Plan: MTP Public Involvement Plan

Goals and Objectives: Draft MTP Goals Memo

Existing Conditions: MTP Existing Conditions Draft_with Figures

Needs Assessment: Needs Assessment Memo FINAL



Community involvement is critical in developing a plan for our future transportation system.

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